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Urban Decay expanding to Chinese market…

So, I found out some unsettling news today.  My favorite brand, Urban Decay, is expanding and launching in China.  Why is this upsetting?  Their Leaping Bunny cruelty free seal will be removed.  The Chinese government tests cosmetics products on animals before they are available to consumers.  MAC also recently announced the same move, but I am not really attached to the MAC brand, and MAC never had anything like, “We could never do animal testing, how could anyone?” on their packaging.  I am not the most ethical consumer, but I thought that this was a company that was worth shelling out lots of money on due to their standards, quality, and ethical stance.  I know that the brand won’t be testing on animals directly, and the business is for profit, but this rubs me the wrong way.  They seem to have forgotten their roots; first, tons of boring neutrals and now the possibility of their products causing harm to animals which they seemed to be vehemently against?  

Leaping Bunny Program’s statement:


You can read Urban Decay’s statement/see others comments on Temptalia:


Sign this petition if you think Urban Decay should not expand:


If you agree, please re-blog or post the petition so others can sign.  What do you guys think about this situation?